Here lies a little collection of personal perl scripts that I use on a (more than) daily basis. These scripts include productivity and web scriptlets, among others. They come with no warranty, are used as is, and I probably won't change them much unless I'll use the changes. But feel free to ask anyway, if you see a feature that would be quite handy...

All Perl files are in text format so they don't get run by my webserver.

Perl is a language which ... rocks. Find out more through, sponsored by O'Reilly. O'Reilly is a great producer of reference books... don't sit at your desk without the Camel book, seriously. The camel has come to represent the one true Perl as a godly language. Hence, the use of a camel image with the topic of Perl is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Used with their permission and good grace.

SETI@home progress monitor

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This is a small script that I put in my command-line seti directory, and then call from my .tcshrc as 'prog'. It's a nice little way of monitoring your seti progress, and it lets you know if your seti is not running. It displays the time of the last submitted workunit (so you can see if it's been active lately), the current progress in percentage and time, and the total cpu time and results submitted. Be sure to change the setidir setting at the very top of the script code to the place where you keep your command-line seti application.
> download version 1.1 <

System Requirements:
Mac OS X
Perl, whichever version works

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Mac OS X connections monitor

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This script will someday be made into a nice little cocoa monitoring application, but until then, use this script. When you create an alias to it in your .tcshrc or the like, at the touch of a command you can see who's connected to your computer, and on what port. It also (using verbose) handily tells you your IP address. Use this tool to find out who's connected to your iTunes library, or if there's any backdoor software trying to escape.
> download version 1.0 <

System Requirements:
Mac OS X
Perl, whichever version works

download the scripts:

SETIprog v1.1
iMonitor v1.0

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