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One of the ultimate time-wasting applications, Fractality is a toy and/or tool for creating polygonal fractals. Like geometric fractals, polygonal fractals are repetitive patterns following certain mathematical algorithms. Yet polygonal fractals are simpler, usually more symmetric, and often much more beautiful. They follow repeating patterns of simple algorithmic commands, and are essentially geometric shapes repeating on themselves over and over again.

Fractality is an original tool made to create and manipulate almost every aspect of these fractals. In Fractality, you have easy control over basic controls, like the number of iterations or the size of the fractal, and over precise iterative controls, like the angle of rotation per iteration, or the ability to cut off certain fingers. In addition, for beautification purposes, you have control over the color of the fractal, from beginning to end and even how fast the transition is.

For mathematical study or simple delight in not working, Fractality is the tool to use. The application utilizes easy-to-use controls in manipulating the fractals, and a templates menu for a place to start. Send us a copy of your favorite fractal!

For a study into the design of the original idea of polygonal fractals, see the Fractality Report.

Fractality 0.6

Fractality is undergoing heavy development and is a pre-release state. You can download a public preview of Fractality below or to the right, but be sure you realize this is a beta application and comes with no guarentees. It is offered as-is and we will take no responsibility for anything it may do to your system. Please be sure, however, that we offer only the best intentions and hope you will take advantage to look at this preview and offer your comments and suggestions.
> download version 0.6 <

System Requirements
Mac OS 10.3

Major changes since the last release:
  • Quick color buttons correctly working
  • Drawer toggle commands work on a per-document basis instead of application-wide
  • Drawer controls work on a per-fractal basis instead of application-wide
  • Tooltips are more helpful and say the right things
  • Most memory leaks should be fixed

    Known Issues:
  • Export to JPEG is vertically inverted
  • Trouble with 1 iteration fractal drawing
  • No dirty window support yet, lacks undo features
  • Some truncating of long floats in precise iteration controls

    Major Planned features:
  • Export to multiple image formats in ready-set sizes (for easy export to desktop pictures)
  • Speed it up!

  • We are open to suggestions -- please email us! Send us a copy of your favorite .frac file!

    The Fractality Report

    for Mac OS X

    Fractality v0.6


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