Beginning with a simple AppleScript that sets your desktop for you, SmadnessDesktop will evolve soon into something more efficient and sophisticated. Here's a preview of the AppleScript application; beware that the desktop you download will be around 500k in size and will take an amount of time according with your connection speed (there's no progress indicator yet... the application will look frozen until the desktop is set). Primitive, yes. But hey, I've got a senior recital soon. Priorities are elsewhere.
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System Requirements:
Mac OS X
10.2 or above

PrimTrack on VersionTracker

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PrimTrack is a short application (short = binge coding in 12 hours or less) that was developed for a Graph Theory class to demonstrate Prim's algorithm. Prim's algorithm, in a nutshell (no pardons to O'Reilly), is a method of finding a least cost minimum spanning tree on a weighted graph. The algorithm is actually rather easy to code; the challenge that I took up was to code the OpenGL and Cocoa interface for the program. Numerous java applets that step through Prim's algorithm are out there, but here's a fresh copy for your own desktop. Resizes well to large screens. It's considered an 0.1 release (first release), but I'm not planning any more work for it. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me, but I can't promise I'll have the time to put any more hard thought into it.
> download version 0.2 <

System Requirements:
Mac OS X
10.2 or above

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for Mac OS X

SmadnessDesktop 0.1
PrimTrack 0.2

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